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How companies successfully manage the well-being of their employees?

Discussion with Oleg Karpušenko

Head of Human Resources at Enlabs

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"It was a suprise how fast and seamlessly Siffi could start providing the service for all of Entain's employees." says Oleg. "It really is as simple as a click and its done. We saw that employees started immediately using Siffi in all of our locations."

- Oleg Karpušenko, Head of Human Resources at Entain Baltics & Nordics

Entain Baltics & Nordics is a multi-brand online gaming company. They are the leading iGaming operator in the Baltic States, and one of the fastest-growing operators in Eastern Europe.

Entain Baltics & Nordics were looking for a solution or a provider that could match all of these requirements. This proved to be difficult. Most services work locally or in a limited number of countries. And many of the existing providers still need to improve their digital and remote experience.

In searching possible providers, Entain Baltics & Nordics found Siffi and realised that it might check all the requirements.

Siffi’s service is specifically made for international companies with remote teams.

"Remote working, international teams, and distributed organizations pose new challenges to management and HR. We at Siffi want to ensure that everyone in your organisation can continue to thrive, also in this new environment."

- Helina Harro, Psychologist and Mental Health Lead at Siffi

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