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Communication between employee and manager, Part 1: Why is it hard?


Mental wellbeing

Suhtlus juhi ja töötaja vahel

In this three-part article series we’re looking into how to clarify concerns between employee and manager. First, we discuss why communication can be difficult. Then we describe a way the employee could explain his or her worries or needs to the supervisor. Finally, we look at how the manager could build up communication with the employee.

Communication between employee and supervisor is often the main solution in reducing tension. Here, it’s important to note that a daily dialogue is what keeps tension at bay, before serious problems arise.

In this series, we take a look at one way to improve communication in a team.

Keep in mind that any advice taken into consideration should have a personal approach. Recommendations that are meant to work for everyone hardly work for anyone in real life.

Communication is a skill that can be developed

Certain techniques aid in expressing your needs and thoughts. The model we describe here is one way out of multiple different methods to give you an idea of how you might want to proceed.

Advice that is tailored specifically for your unique situation can be provided by a mental health professional.

Fortunately, communication skills are something that can be developed through training and practice. Simple directions of ‘do this and then you will find the courage to successfully communicate’, don’t exist. The ability to communicate is closely tied to the person’s self esteem. This is something that can be worked with, even though it’s a long-term process.

Why is communication difficult?

Discussions between manager and employee are sometimes made difficult by suggesting ‘I can’t manage’. A solution here is to word the issue differently.

Start by not saying ‘I can’t manage’. Firstly, with this mentality you express a sense of incompetence. Secondly, it’s as if you would assign your supervisor to solve your personal issues.

Communication has to be a dialogue

There are numerous different solutions of how to build up a conversation between manager and employee. Here, we are looking at a situation where a problem has already accumulated. That’s why we mainly concentrate on identifying the needs of the worker.

A mutual daily dialogue on important and relevant topics is essential for maintaining a healthy work environment. For the manager, it’s a tool to communicate information and requirements. For the employee, it’s a way to receive the particulars that are needed in order to successfully execute tasks.

The byproduct is a more relaxed working environment.

Advice that is tailored specifically for your unique situation can be provided by a mental health professional.

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