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The best specialistsOur chartered therapists are experienced, empathetic and solution-focused.
One-click accessText-based mental health counselling, advice and coaching provided by experienced therapists.
Fast onboardingYour workforce can start using Siffi right away.
Flat-rate subscriptionSiffi’s is affordable and makes your budgeting easy.
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Our friendly Mental Health Counsellors are one-click away

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How Siffi works

On-demand mental health counselling

Find the right therapist for you

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Start your therapy remotely

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Our friendly Mental Health Counsellors are only one click away.

Our counsellors are chartered therapists who are trained to listen with empathy and assess your situation. They provide mental health coaching, counselling and recommendations. You’ll know precisely what your next step should be.

Our friendly Mental Health Counsellors are only one click away.

Why is Siffi So Popular Among Employees?

Private and discreet

Private and discreet

No employer involvment in actual care.

Professionals who care

Professionals who care

We take care in recommending the right therapist for each situation.

Perfect for remote working

Perfect for remote working

We're always available online, also on smartphones.

10+ languages

Is your organization international? Siffi's counselling- and therapy-services are supported in 10+ languages. Coverage of new countries are added continuously according to client needs.

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Our friendly Mental Health Counsellors are one-click away

"We have key team-members that we’ve never met in person, and many of them live in far-away countries. This poses entirely new challenges for HR. Siffi is there to help us."

- Maarja Tsimmer, HR Specialist, Coinmetro

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does an employer-provided health insurance cover the care provided on Siffi?
Who are the therapists on Siffi?
Are users free to choose the therapist they want? Can one change from one therapist to another?
How long are the therapy or coaching sessions? How many sessions can users have on Siffi?

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Employees' wellbeing bring about large savings.

Potential Savings Annually £62,250
This estimate is based on the assumption of mental health costs being 8.3% of annual salary as per Deloitte's 'Mental health and employers: refreshing the case for investment' January 2020 report

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